I know that we aren’t supposed to refer to H1N1 as the Swine flu anymore because it is hurting the sales of pork products. On the flip side, you can barely watch the news anymore without it being referred to as Swine so I am not going to change the world.

I want to reiterate the good advice from I Think Therefore I Rant and warn everyone to NOT drink from hotel . The only exception to this is if you see that the maids are actually collecting the to take it downstairs to the kitchen to be appropriately cleaned. If you aren’t sure, then stick to bottled water and paper cups.

In a recent trip over the weekend where I stayed at a Garden Inn, I took the following photo with my iPhone. This hotel gets it! It may not be obvious from the photo but these and carafes are dirty. They were being collected by the maid to go downstairs. Presumably, this means they were using appropriate sanitation procedures.

Also, check out this disgusting video which will reaffirm your need to be cautious.

If that doesn’t make you question the cleanliness of your hotel on your next trip, nothing will!

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