By Benedict Smythe

Sometimes you just need to take a break and get away from everything. Deadlines, work pressure, your boss? Whatever your reason is, weekend trips often do wonders for your health, and relationships (if you are taking your friends or family with you).

image As a weekend getaway, you may be content by going to a located just a two hour drive away from the city, or maybe consider a bed and breakfast in a place nearby. For some people however, they prefer far destinations out of town, or even out of the country. They would rather fly on a Friday night and return back home on a Sunday evening. If you are planning a weekend getaway like this, there is one big mistake that you could ever make: over !

Even if you are going on a three days and two nights vacation, it is still very possible to fit all your things in just one bag. Besides, how much clothes do you think you will need? Not much! There are many reasons to pack light:

  • – checked-in baggage are sometimes lost, damaged or stolen.
  • Economy – you don’t need porters to carry your stuff, and therefore eliminate the need to tip them. You will also be able to ride public transport rather than an expensive taxi. Or you can even take a walk to a nearby hotel, which will bring you to a more intimate contact with the place.
  • Mobility – in your destination you will be the first to leave while others are still waiting for their checked-in baggage to go through the arrival claim area. You can save almost an hour of your time!
  • Serenity- you have less time to pack/unpack and you don’t waste energy in hauling stuff.

Convinced? So how can you become a one-bag traveler? There are two key things you should consider:

What to pack

It is critically important to have a packing list that you should use every time you travel. It makes sure that you will not forget anything important. It also reminds you that the things on the list are only the essentials you need to bring. Remember that parkas are not needed in North Africa, nor can dressy shoes be helpful in an Amazon trek. Resist the temptation to bring things that you think you might need. Rather, bring things that you cannot survive without. These things can be underwear, clothes, toiletries, and travel documents.

How to pack it

We do not want to spend our vacation wearing wrinkled clothes. The art of packing makes sure our clothes have creases where they should be, rather than where they should not be. Much of this will depend on the material or fabric of the clothes (synthetic materials do not retain creases as much as natural materials do). But the way in which we fold or pack them will also play a major role.

Folding the clothes on top of one another is the worst kind of packing you can do. It produces obvious creases and wrinkles. Another popular style is rolling the clothes, but this will actually increase wrinkling even more. Fortunately, there is another alternative called bundle wrapping. It is a technique that involves careful wrapping of the clothes around a core object in the center, thereby eliminating the folds that result in creases and wrinkles.

For small items such as toiletries, use an organizer pouch to prevent a cluttered mess in the bag. Also, place your liquids inside a sealed plastic to prevent unexpected spills.

Now you are all set to go out and enjoy the weekend!

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