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Canton is one of those places where you can expect to do almost anything while vacationing here. Right from spectacular museums, libraries and ancient architectural edifices, you can find a whole lot here. If you are worried about which places to stay in during your vacation in Canton, here is a guide that provides the list of best here.

Trip down memory lane

image The Canton Classic Car is a masterpiece in itself. This nostalgic has cars spanning the period from 1904 till 1981. So if you like exploring vintage cars or collecting them, this place is a haven for you! Besides just cars you will also find plenty of interesting memorabilia here. If you are looking for some nice places to stay nearby then there are plenty of Canton Ohio Hotels nearby. If you hate to leave your pet behind during your vacation then consider booking some Canton Pet Friendly Hotels.

Exotic libraries

image If you love reading books then this place is perfect for you! The First Ladies Library has a veritable collection of books spanning different periods. This house was once shared by the President of America and the First Lady Mrs. McKinley. Now this house has undergone restorative work and is now a library that is entirely dedicated to all the First Ladies of America. If you are searching for a suitable accommodation nearby there are many North Canton Hotels located nearby. If you wish to travel and stay in Canton on a then you will find plenty of Cheap Canton Motels located around this city.

For all the fans

image If you absolutely love then you’re going to love the Pro Hall of Fame! Located on the northwest drive of Canton this sports museum is a fitting tribute to all the famous footballers of the pro era. You can browse through two massive galleries which showcase the pictures of the honorees of this era. If you want an accommodation near to the you will find plenty of Canton Hotels located nearby. That way you can proceed from the to this place directly after leaving your in the hotel. 

Spectacular theaters

The Canton Palace is a spectacular attraction for most tourists to this place. It was constructed during 1926 and ever since it has earned its place in the National Register of Historic Places. The beautiful architecture of this place provides an illusion of standing right under the stars. You can even watch live performances here like stage events, concerts etc. Thus while planning out your next vacation to Canton make sure to take into account some of these nice hotels as well. They combine comfortable stays along with affordable choices.

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